Specialty Labs

At Heilen Natural Medicine, we offer a variety of specialty labs. These go beyond conventional lab work, and can help identify obstacles to restoring optimal health.


Advanced Prostate Testing

Over the past several decades, assessing prostate health and detecting potentially aggressive prostate cancers has been a clumsy affair. Traditionally, doctors will order a PSA blood test along with a physical exam of the prostate. If the PSA was elevated, men were passed off to the urologist for an invasive prostate biopsy.

The problem is, 3 out of 4 men who undergo a biopsy don’t have cancer! That’s a lot of unnecessary (and painful!) poking and prodding. With the 4KScore blood test, we can estimate your 20-year risk of developing an aggressive prostate cancer and potentially save you from an unnecessary biopsy. Find out today if you are a candidate for this blood test.


Food allergy / sensitivity testing

The foods we eat on a daily basis may be the cause of many different health problems. Food sensitivities have been linked to dozens of common symptoms such as: headaches, constipation, joint pain, rashes, fatigue, and many more. Food sensitivity can be detected using an IgG blood lab. The IgG immune response is also referred to as a "delayed" immune response. The food you eat on a Monday could be causing your migraine on Wednesday! Traditional skin-prick allergy testing does not identify this delayed immune response...